Multispectral Imagery for Precision Agriculture using Drones in India

Our team was recently involved in doing a pilot project for using Drone Technology for Precision Agriculture and assessment of Plant Health and productivity estimation. The project was done in partnership with Sensehawk Technologies for one of the largest tobacco companies in India.

Indrones was successful in using the latest Multispectral Sensor – Parrot Sequoia and being one of the early adopter of the advanced agricultural sensor. Parrot has specifically built this sensor for Precision Agriculture and Farming industry. The sensor captures the images for the crops in various bands (red, green, NIR and RedEdge) which helps capturing reflectance of the crops which are the characteristic of the plant health. The Sequoia sensor is an amazing sensor packed with features. The Go-Pro sized sensor was small enough to be mounted on one of our Phantom 4 drones. We were able to survey a 20 acre plot using in just about 15 minutes and processed in Pix4d Ag Application. In about two hours the result was in front of us as the NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) map:

Drone Technology

Precision Agriculture using Drones in India


Indrones’ Lab is now working on linking this data with ground samples and historic data to arrive at precise productivity estimates about the crop. We are looking forward to partner with various agricultural universities and agronomists to make the most of this amazing technology which has a great potential to serve the Agricultural Industry in India. With better data it is possible to estimate the expected yield and take corrective measures before a problem actually reduces the productivity of the crop. It is also very helpful to use drones for Agriculture for better products of Agricultural Insurance that secures the Farmers against any undue circumstances. The Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY) has one of its focuses to include technologies like Drones to be used in India Agricultural Scenarios. This is particularly helpful when comes to small land parcel sizes, the resolutions of Drone Data makes a huge difference.