Custom Drones

Sigma 55

Designed with the Latest DGCA Regulations in mind to keep the AUW under 2kg and classify under Micro Drone Category. A perfect platform to achieve upto 30min flight time with the payload if your choice.

  • Can carry: – Gopro, Thermal/night vision and even small cameras upto 300g.
  • Endurance: 30 minutes
  • Material: Carbon Composite
  • Payload capacity: 0.3 Kg
  • Cruise speed: 10 m/s

Sigma 75

Designed with Tropical Environmental Conditions in Mind to survive humid and high temperature environments. Made of Modular Carbon Composite Frame for long life without wear and tear.
  • Can carry: Most comprehensive list of Payloads with Hot Swap Option.
  • Endurance: 50 minutes
  • Material: Carbon Composite
  • Payload capacity: 0.8 Kg
  • Cruise speed: 11 m/s

Vector VTOL

Vector VTOL is designed to do what other drones cannot do. It can achieve upto 90 minutes of flight and go upto 15 Kms with heavier payload then other drone.

  • Can Carry: Most comprehensive list of Payloads to carry out the task
  • Endurance: 90 minutes
  • Material: Carbon Composite
  • Payload capacity: 1 Kg
  • Cruise speed: 15 m/s

Drone Applications

► GIS Mapping

► Perimeter Survey

► Surveillance and Reconnaissance

► Volumetric Estimation

► Disaster Management

► Urban Policing & Crowd Management

► Utility / Infrastructure Inspection

► Crop Survey & Monitoring

► Large Area monitoring of Mines / Land

► Construction / Project Monitoring

► Industrial Perimeter Survey


If you have questions about how to get started or just want to know how much will it cost to get aerial survey done, don’t hesitate. Our experts are passionate about helping you out with reasonable quote.