Risk free Inspection for High Value Assets

Industrial Inspections

Inspections of Oil Rigs, Industrial Boilers, Power Lines, Communications and Utility Towers, etc. are some of the high risk and high cost applications with no scope of failure. The operating companies must ensure the healthy and continuous operations of these assets and to do so, manual inspections are carried out at regular interval of times and many a times the operations are to be shut down for inspections due to the risks involved.

Using the UAV technology, Indrones provide a risk free inspection services for such high value assets. The drone fitted with a suitable payload is flown over the asset to be inspected and a high resolution data is gathered from a safe distance. This data is further processed in our software and the client is presented with a report of all the results and given a recommendations based on the discovered anomalies.

Following are some of the industries we cater to:

  1. Oil and Gas Companies
  2. Pipeline Inspections
  3. Powerline Inspections
  4. Railway Lines Inspections
  5. Solar Power Panel Inspections
  6. Communications and Utility Tower Inspections
  7. Critical Infrastructure and Historic Monument Inspections

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