GIS Mapping

Maps are the first need of beginning of any Engineering Projects, from small construction work to big mining and infrastructure project. Most of these needs are conventionally met by either satellite imagery which are very inaccurate and obsolete or via conventional surveys using ground equipments which takes days to deliver the final outputs. Our UAVs applied to this application answer to all these problems and now one can get a high resolution maps of acres of land within few hours

Using our UAVs, we can offer High Resolution Maps (upto 2cm spatial Resolution) for the purpose at the most affordable cost. Following are the offerings:

  1. High Resolution Orthophoto, Maps (upto 2cm/pixel Resolution)
  2. Digital Elevation Model
  3. Digital Terrain Model
  4. 3D models of any Monuments/Area/Objects

Areas where the technology can be (but not limited to) used:

  1. Scientific Simulations
  2. Mining quarries and Stockpile management
  3. Urban & Regional Planning
  4. Emergency and Disaster Management

Our team is specialized in large area mapping and has completed several big projects upto 450 sq. km. within few weeks’ for varied applications. Using UAVs for such applications brings out a huge advantage in quality when compared to a satellite imagery and in cost when compare to conventional aerial data using Manned Aircraft.